Online and Local Postcard Printing Miami has been printing postacrds since 1999. We offer a variety of sizes from standard 4x6s, 5x7s and 6x9s to custom and jumbo sizes. Postcard prints are a great way to market your business or products. Postcard printing is a high quality, inexpensive way to advertise. We pioneered a process that has made high quality printing more affordable to all. Therefore you’re getting quality, speed and a great price. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Postcard Printing Miami Company – Marketing Ideas

First of all, flyer marketing dates back back before TVs, radio or newspapers. If you were promoting an event,product or service flyers/postcards were your tools of the time. The process intensified with the creation of home computers and software in the 1990s. Here’s an article on flyer distribution (Opens a new tab).
Moreover, all it takes is a couple of hours of your time to place your business postcards in locations (restaurants, dry cleaners, etc) where your customers will find them.

Direct mail postcard printing offers a variety of options to mail postcards directly to prospect’s businesses or homes. Axisflyers has 15 years experience in postcard printing in Miami and direct mail postcard printing. While most of the services offered by the United States Post Office for direct mail require training, permits and software EDDM or Every Door Direct is quit easy to use. The cost is about .16 cents per piece (very inexpensive) and the USPS does not require training or permits. See our section on EDDM postcard printing (Opens a new tab). The best part of direct mail postcard printing is the message is open and your prospect doesn’t have to open an envelope. Statistics show recipients are more likely to read postcards.

Postcard Printing Company Miami – DESIGN TIPS

When designing a postcard or flyer print we also recommend the use of a graphic designer. Your piece will look professional and you will save time in the print ordering process. Here are some tips on the design:

  • Be Fearless in your pursuit of new prospects. On average you only have about 8 seconds to get someone’s attention. Professional designs/ graphics and powerful /attention getting words are key to a successful postcard campaign. Words like “FREE”, “SAVE”, “SALE”, “NOW” etc…. all are attention grabbers. Make them the center of your postcard or flyer.
  • Sell your product or service with pictures. The brain processes pictures faster than words. The combination of professional pictures and power words are key.
  • Keep it simple, you have only a few seconds to capture someone attention. Wordiness and amateur looking pictures are a turnoff.

Here’s a link to our templates for your next postcard printing project. If you need a designer our staff is available to you. Call us today!