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Are you looking for a way to advertise you business with inexpensive flyers?
Well brochure printing may be your best option. Axiflyers in Miami, FL offers a variety of brochure options available online for purchase. Traditionally flat leaflets or handbills were used through the years as advertisements for businesses, events and services. Today with the creation of modern printing presses and folding machines the options are limitless. Here are the 2 most common folding options bi-fold (2 panels) and tri-fold (3 panels). You can down load templates below.

Top 5 Brochure layout tips

Through the years we have designed and reviewed numerous flyers for print. Here are the top 5 tips for brochure printing:

  1. Design for print – Make sure to scale your piece to the finished size. If want an 11×17 brochure, make sure the software you are using is set to 11×17. Also, set your resolution to print quality. We recommend 300 dpi resolution at full size.
  2. Be aware of your folds – Account for the space you will need for folding. The gutter or fold area will require a ¼ inch space. For an 8.5 x 11 piece, set your guides at 3.6 in, 3.85 in, 7.15 in, and 7.4 in. This way you can keep important text, images or boarders aligned properly on your flyer. When in doubt we can send you a design template.
  3. Set your colors for commercial printing – There is designing for web and designing for print. Most professional graphic design programs allow you to design in CMYK. The most common correction we see is a job designed RGB that has to be converted to CMYK. The 4 primary colors in full color printing (CMYK) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. RGB are the colors used on a computer display. When you convert RGB to CMYK there is a significant change that occurs in the design. Colors lose their hue and may look dull and plain. Remember to design in CMYK.
  4. Measure twice cut once – Please proof your work, have several people review your design for spelling errors and missing information. We are not responsible for design errors. Once your piece goes to press we cannot erase an error.
  5. We love graphic designers – We always recommend hiring a professional graphic designer with a print background. They have professional design programs to produce a high quality piece. It will save you time and maybe money in reprint cost.