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Eddm postcard printing in Miami

EDDM Postcards Miami

Eddm postcard printing in Miami or Every Door Direct Mail (we print EDDM Postcards Miami) is a service offered by the US Post Office for businesses in local communities looking to promote their product or service. Click here if you are looking for regular postcards. Every door direct works by allowing businesses access all addresses in a zip code. First the user picks address on a map and pays the post office online or at the counter at dropoff. Second the system generates paperwork that simplifies sorting and distribution in the USPS warehouse. As a result the user bundles and attaches paperwork to the postcards which in turn simplifies the work the USPS has to do. Finally the postcards are dropped off in bundles with paperwork at the post office assigned to deliver that mail. As a result the USPS saves time and resources (sorting and distribution), this savings is passed along in low rates to you. Below you will find a link to the USPS EDDM search tool.

USPS EDDM SEARCH (Opens a new tab)

EDDM postcard printing should be a part of your marketing efforts; the service is user friendly and very affordable. The cost for eddm postcards is about .16 cents per piece, there are limitations and requirements for postcard sizes. The USPS provides guidelines to follow, they can be FOUND HERE (Opens a new tab)

EDDM postcard printing Miami (Services)

Your order will not be bundled unless you request it (additional fees apply).
All EDDM postcards must be bundled (with paperwork) in groups of 50 or 100 pieces.
If you are located in the South Florida area Axisflyers can provide the full EDDM service (additional fee required). We can print, process your paperwork, bundle with paperwork and delivery to your local USPS office.
If you are located outside of South Florida we are only able to bundle and attach the paperwork required by the USPS (additional fee is required). EDDM service is local and the cards must be delivered to the correct post office listed on your paperwork.

Every Door Direct Mail Printing Sizes and Specs

Axisflyers is open to custom sizes, the most common sizes are listed and offered on our site below. 6.25 x 9, 6 x 12 and 8.5 x 11. All our prices are full color front and back, with FREE UV coating. Our graphic designers are available to you for custom designs. We accept .PDF, jpg, tif and .ai files with fonts outlined. resolution at a minimum 300 DPI

Turnaround Times

The print process takes 2 – 3 days, bundling and processing 1-2 days, 1 day for delivery or longer if shipping via UPS.
Process could take 6 days or long outside of South Florida